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New painting almost finished then I am off to Limburg and Liege for the day!

Painting has arrived!

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A friend back in Canada had commission a painting from me to hang in her new house, it has finally arrived and is being displayed! More photos to come!!!

cut fingers

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Adam Gorham

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Hey everyone,


This is a link to an awesome Toronto illustrator Adam Gorham. His work is slick (as can be seen by the uploaded image) and is definitely worth checking out and following:

Monday, April 21st, 2014

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This is my first entry for the website! Still trying to figure out how it works and how to update and publish everything. I am currently working on a painting commission for a client in Limburg between trying to finish my thesis and planning my project for the final jury show. The commission is based upon the idea of 'going forward and taking your life in your own hands', this proved to be difficult; taking someone else's idea and transitioning it onto canvas. Although most of painting has been filled I am going to keep layering the canvas and paint over previous brushstrokes and paint markings.